Your Smartwatch will Identify the COVID Symptoms for You

Corona Virus took the world by a storm in 2020 and left everyone in a state of welter. But, now as time is passing, people are getting accustomed to the ‘new normal’, and vaccines are also being developed across the world. But even now, new strains of COVID are being seen. Recently, Stanford University has conducted a study where they worked upon the use of the sensors that are there in the Apple Watch. These sensors could be used to detect the COVID symptoms. However, not just being confined to this particular brand, researchers are now determined to look if smartwatches can be used to detect the Coronavirus symptoms.

How the heartbeat changes will help sensors detect Corona Virus

Apple watch administers the changes in the heart rate and that has been what made the researchers dwell into focusing on the idea. First of its kind, the “Warrior Watch” was used by the researchers at Mount Sinai Hospital which is in New York. It monitored 297 health workers. Those who displayed significant heart rate changes were later found corona positive.

Such technology is not only allowing us to be able to track and also, predict health outcomes. But along with it, it is allowing us to take action when required. Now, multiple researches have shown that that the sensors used im Apple Watches can help to detect the symptoms of COVID-19, even at times, before the individual knows that he/she has gotten infected that is in asymptomatic cases. But as already said, apple watches aren’t the only ones being worked upon. There are many other smartwatches as well whose sensors are now being used to monitor the heartbeat changes to be able to detect the COVID symptoms.

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