Would you go out on a date with a human like robot?

As the world is stepping towards modernization, the race for stepping towards growth is elevating. And, in this race of being some or the other thing people are turning alone at some or the other point. Some even gets so depressed that they get in the verge of suicidal attempts. While running towards the success, one moment do arrives in everybody’s lives when they feel alone, and wishes to talk to someone who can hear out their worries and talk to them a bit.

Let us ask you something..

Is it a good idea to have a robotic girlfriend or an automated boyfriend as a partner for you to give you all the support that you need? Whether a yes or no…decide after reading this survey article.

To reach a conclusion, there were surveys conducted by many researchers, from the University of Twente. They collected the data from the EU-backed SIENNA project and surveyed around 11000 people out of which 27% were either supporting the idea of having a robotic partner or were average about this idea but 72% were completely against with this idea of digital loafing.

It seemed that this idea of artificial shield was accepted by majority of Dutch. But after a multinational survey by Dutch research team, it came out that many were not favoring the idea of talking to robots that look like human but isn’t.

Also, the highest count of going with the idea of having a robotic girlfriend or boyfriend as compared with all 11 countries of survey was in the Netherlands.

This can sound a bit similar as we are getting a bit interacting with machines in day to day lives like smart speakers or automatic vacuum cleaners. Even the biggest similarity is of Siri, Google or Alexa to whom billions ask for some or the other things like downloading any movie or doing home works.

Although it’s a bit similar but at the same time quite different as making machines to work at home and taking the robot out for a date is way more out of the box to even imagine of.

Surveys across all the 11 countries came out to know that just 12% of all were in support to the idea of dating a droid while 15% were quite average and 72 % were completely against to it.

Different countries had their different percentage in favoring the opinions-

In Netherlands only 30% were agreeing to the idea, rest 23% were indecisive and 45% were clearly opposing. While in the countries like the US, Sweden, South Africa, South Korea and Germany, an overall of 10% were agreeing with the idea of a robotic date.

Few of the 11 countries Spain, Poland, France, Greece and Brazil were least supporting the idea. Among which Greece and Poland had around 5% of supporting people while with France and Spain on 6% and Brazil with 8% support.

Overall, you can say that the Dutch and South Koreans were the most with the positives, while the French were with the least.

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