Why Linux is more secure than other operating systems?

Wondering which Operating System is more powerful Linux or Windows? Great, with the help of this article you will get to know why Linux is more secure than any other operating system.

In recent years, Information Technology has become one of the fastest-growing industries in India which have caught attention. Several system admins and users prefer different operating systems for their work. But how can you determine which OS will give you the desired results in an optimized and secure way?

According to sources, Microsoft Windows OS is the most commonly installed OS with 77% to 87.8% of usage globally, Mac OS is installed by approximately 9.6 – 13 % of users while Linux OS lies in the range of 2%.

While a very small number of users work on Linux, there are certain advantages of using this operating system over windows due to its security reasons and open-source nature.So we will emphasize why Linux is more secure than any other operating system.

Open source environment

The Linux operating system is completely accessible to users for free. However it is quite contrary in Windows, the users are charged with 100 – 250 USD to get your hands on.

Linux provides more security features

Different operating systems provide divergent facilities to their users.Linux operating system provides inbuilt anti malware tools to the users.There is no operating system fully immune to computer threats and viruses, while linux is less prone to threat than windows due to its fairly stable and secure environment.

Selected Administrator privileges and Access

Windows operating systems grant a high level of admin access to their base level users as well which is quite a threat. If malicious code or virus penetrate their system then it can easily gain access to the important files, while Linux provides lower access which will not provide access to the admin related privileges.

Linux provides more privacy than Windows OS

While Microsoft enables privacy settings by default, there is nothing you can do to avoid it.However even if the users don’t agree they still collect data and are not bothered to reveal it officially.

Unlike that, Linux operating systems are open source and provide the choice to the users and promise to keep their privacy safe and secure.

Linux observes fewer attacks by hackers than Windows

Compared to windows, the Linux users are comparatively less which is sometimes seen as an advantage. Hackers usually target an enormous amount of the population and Microsoft windows cover almost 80 percent of the market. This keeps Linux safe and secure.

Also working with Linux seems quite easy due to its better community support. Unlike Windows, Linux is fast and tries to fix the issue in an insufficient amount of time. While Microsoft Windows tries to investigate and fix the issue, Linux developers and testers fix the problems as quickly as possible to provide their users the best experience.

Linux provides efficient Software Updates

The Linux operating system is way more efficient than Windows in software updation.Every Windows user may have experienced a long waiting time while updating or fixing an issue,which is quite a problem.

In Linux, software updates are quite efficient and faster which saves a lot of time and also gives users a friendly experience to work on.

Provides Variety of Distribution

Linux is completely a packaged deal and ideal for programmers. While in Windows you may have different plans depending upon the activation, packaged features, and licensing terms, Linux offers a variety of distribution according to the requirement of the user.

You may consider a Kali Linux distro if you want to try your hands on Hacking, likewise, there are several other distributions such as Linux distribution for programmers, Linux distribution for penetration testing, and so on

While working on the Windows Operating system is an easy choice, Linux OS is far more secure along with a vast number of inbuilt applications and supporting almost every programming language.

If you are a windows user then it’s time to choose the best alternative with more security and reliability. While you guys might be thinking if Linux operating systems do not have any issues. Well every OS has its pros and cons, even with Linux. But what really makes the Linux OS out of the box is its secure environment and portability.

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