Why is Virtual Reality Taking Over the Gaming Industry?

If you’ve put on a VR headset or are already using it to play games, you probably have an idea as to why it is has become so popular. Video games do make you engrossed because of the environment that the creators make. However, the moment you put on a VR headset; you aren’t just looking at a screen – you’re mentally in that world.

This is the kind of experience that virtual reality is adding for gamers now. It is a lot more fun to play with. The virtual reality market size stood at 5.12 billion USD in 2019 which is projected to be around 45.20 billion USD by 2027. So, every big player like Microsoft, Sony, Google and Facebook wants a chunk of this pie.

What Do You Understand by Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is a technology that creates a simulated virtual environment of the game you are playing. It comes with a wearable headset device that makes you feel as if you are inside the game. 

How Does Virtual Reality Change the Way You Play?

A VR headset enhances your experience of playing a game. Here are two reasons why its popularity is increasing:

  • Increases User Engagement: VR allows the gamers to interact with the environment in the game. This brings a whole new gaming experience for the gamers.
  • Enriches Gaming Environment: Players get control over the environment in the games. Games like Minecraft have a more realistic look and feel when you play it with the VR headset.

Games like racing, Horror, City building games and first-person shooter games have become very popular among VR games. Developers are regularly creating new games in these genres. Online gambling games like poker and black jack also have VR support that makes you feel you are sitting in a casino and playing. 

All major tech companies have their own VR headset to offer. As they release newer generation hardware, the experience becomes more and more realistic for the gamers. And as more games come with support for VR, the industry will grow with it.

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