Why Don’t Robots Ever Panic in Adverse Situations?

Robots are usually made for performing tasks that humans can’t do. That may involve working with high temperatures, lifting super-heavy objects or walking on slippery surfaces. You also have some of them who do the same things humans can do like performing surgeries, nursing or serving. Does that make you wonder how robots don’t panic in dangerous situations they aren’t programmed for?

To answer this question, let’s first understand about panic.

What is Panic?

The first thing we need to note here is that panic is a state of mind. It arises out of fear and stress – both of which naturally exist in humans only. Fear is a feeling that can intensify during situations that are uncomfortable. This may lead to an increase in our stress hormones too, leading to a state of panic, where our logical side of the brain stops functioning.

So in a way, the main cause as well as symptom of panic is fear – a feeling. This brings us to the next question – can robots feel?

How do Robots Work?

This is the whole point- robots are programmed to perform functions. It is artificial intelligence that helps it react according to the situation. Whether it’s a surgical robot or an industrial robot, it cannot do anything that the programmer hasn’t trained it to do. So, when it faces a situation, it simply might just stand still.

At the most, a robot might malfunction. However, we can’t compare it with panic as there is no fear involved here. The only 2 problems a robot can go through is being in an environment it is not programmed to react to and an error in its programming or engineering.

Is it Ever Possible for Robots to Panic?

The answer will always be no. Robots are made for doing things humans cannot do. At the same time, you don’t want adverse reactions from robots that you might get from humans. Robots function purely on logic. Emotional intelligence at the most helps them react sympathetically. However, no one would program a robot to sense or feel fear. This is the reason why robots cannot panic.

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