Which one is more vicious- IoT based devices or Covid-19?

We all are aware of the fact that this world is slowly transforming towards artificial Intelligence, almost everything around us is becoming mechanized from washing machine to automated automobiles. Many reputed firms are coming up with new ideas to somehow ease every human effort. The world is becoming Iot dependent i.e. most of all the things we are using in our daily lives is based on Internet of things.

With pros follows the cons!

As automated things ease our lives a lot but in the same way it can harm us equally. The Iot based things are directly connected to the cloud server which can sometimes can be hacked by some and can be used as a disaster for many. The more the people are depending on phone controlled things, the more are the chances of getting it hacked. Talking about which a similar case got highlighted recently which is about the coffeemaker- owned by the company Smarter. It came to notice that a London based company, Pen Test partners were able to decode the wifi encrypted key that was used in first version of Smarter iKettle, this shows how unsecured the network of Smarter was.

For unlocking any backdoor, reversed engineering has always been a passcode in making any security unarmed. One such threatening attack is Distributed Denial of Service Attacks (DDOS) that has brought up several interruptions and also has unveiled tons of sensitive data.

Corona virus breakdown has let humans to stay at homes which in short is compelling them to be more inclined towards machines. It is not clear yet that Iot is advantageous or harmful for the users, according to survey, Iot based users are reflecting a blended impact during this covid-19.

To make a solution out of it that whether Iot is good or bad for users, many companies are coming up with a various products like DigiCert’s IoT Device Manager which is based on DigiCert ONE, the latest Public Key Infrastructure managing plan of action, heading towards secured Iot networks through fast and flexible deployments, lifecycle authentications and more.

Lot of antivirus companies are still working on these ransomewares, Malware, DDoS attacks, SQL injections and many more each day.

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