Whatsapp’s Newly Tailored Privacy Policy Creates Stir

In a recent turn of events, Mark Zuckerberg [Co-Founder & CEO, Facebook] has made new found changes to WhatsApp’s privacy policy. This is being done to share users’ privacy information with Facebook, in order to commercialise the entire process.

Those who have already updated their WhatsApp in the last 24 hours will be aware of the new ‘Payments’ feature added to the messaging app. If users fail to update their App by February 8, it will get deleted. This sounds more like a subtle threat because users will be left with no option than to accept the terms and conditions.

Since a long time, Facebook has been collecting basic information and sharing with third-parties in the name of providing games, quizzes, etc. to its account holders. Later, It went a little more ahead and introduced the ‘Delete after my death’ option whereas its ‘permanently delete’ option still remains under scrutiny.

And the new privacy policy for WhatsApp states the kind of information it can accumulate and also share with Facebook and ancillary companies. The data consists of the contact number of your WhatsApp account, profile photo and name, friends list and the monetary transactions done over the app.

Ever since, the messaging giant was taken over by the biggest social media king, it has managed to maintain a separate identity. The same will not be possible after this new update. Anyway, users still have a choice to delete their account, if at all, their data looks less secured.

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