Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger Down: Services Stopped Working

Users are reporting issues in accessing their Whatsapp, Instagram and facebook messenger in multiple regions. While the users are unable to send and receive messages and update their feed, the reports are not yet cleared what exactly is causing this issue but the issue is somewhere around server side.

More than 32,000 people across various regions are facing issues with their whatsapp access. Countless tweets posted on Twitter about the users not able to refresh their feed on instagram and thousands of users having major server issues.


The users started facing server issues approximately around 1.10 PM Friday with 1.5 billion both Android and iOS  users having trouble to access the facebook owned platforms- Whatsapp and Instagram, continuously prompting to reinstall and update the applications.

Even instagram if opened in our web browser it is showing 5xx Server Error

When Do We get 5xx Server Error?

We generally get these kind of errors when the server is unable to respond to request of user that is the website server has been unsuccessful in performing a request, reason maybe any.

Whatsapp down or is it some kind of trick?

No official statement has been released by the company, about these unanticipated issues. However, the server issues are fixed and roughly after 40-50 mins, the users are able to access their Whatsapp again.

Unexpected shutdown of Whatsapp, Instagram and facebook messenger servers caused issues in many regions. This is not the first time the users faced issues with whatsapp dysfunctioning, causing chaos worldwide.

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