What Makes Apple’s Latest Filed Patent for The iPhone intriguing?

This year, we have seen different innovations from giant phone manufacturing brands. Samsung introduced foldable phones and it’s not surprising that a lot of manufactures have followed suit. Most of them did, with the exception of Apple, of course. This comes as no surprise to most. Knowing Apple, there is always something incredible and mind blowing in the works. Based on the latest patent the firm has filed for, mind blowing is the appropriate word. Apparently, Apple has filed a patent for a foldable iDevice that comes with self-healing touchscreen material and there is a high possibility of this technology accompanying the iPhone in the nearest future.

So, a self-healing touchscreen material? What does it mean? What will it do? How is this going to work? We are just as amazed but let’s try to answer few possible questions churning in your mind.

As can be deduced on Patently Apple, the main idea of a self-healing properties is that it will be able to recover from scratches made on it by healing itself. Not only that, it also smoothens itself from dents made on it in order to maintain screen quality. According to the patent application, the layer above absorbs the scratches before the sensitive panels beneath can be damaged. 

Also, based on the information provided about this patent, this healing may happen automatically without an obvious prompt. So, how will this happen? Going with the explanation provided, basically, the self-healing display cover layer will comprise of transparent conductors that will form a heating layer and positioned between two dielectric layers (layers will be made from a unique polymer that can easily reform). The patent also indicates that this display cover layer will likely require an external trigger like heat, electrical current or light, to expedite its healing. In other words, an external stimulus like heat will be able to get to the self-healing layer to activate the coating that will fill up dents with the aid of the transparent conductors.

In case you are wondering why Apple is really invested in creating something like this, here is why. Foldable phones are designed to be opened and clasped shut consistently. Most foldable phones that have been introduced to consumers from other brands all have had the same issue of damaged screen after a while. From observations made, the screen becomes damaged when dirt is trapped within it when the phone is shut. The trapped dirt proceeds to rub against the screen, hence, the scratches. This is why Apple has come up with a solution in the form of self-healing display cover. So, by the time Apple launches its own version of foldable iPhones, this problem will not arise. 

In short, this might be the best idea to have existed when it comes to electronic devices. All phone users know how much they dislike seeing scratches on the top layer of their phones. This invention simply brings an end to that. Personally, we don’t think anyone would be opposed to having a device that comes with a technology that reduces imperfections on their devices.

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