What is High Dynamic Image Ranging?

Does your phone camera give you the option of taking an “HDR” image? That actually stands for high dynamic ranging image or high dynamic image ranging. This technology has enabled us to get the crystal-clear quality of images we have.

If you want to understand in the simplest terms, it is a technique where you can get a brighter image by providing the camera with more exposure to light. You can say the camera design should support you to use this feature. 

How Does High Dynamic Image Ranging Work?

To control the amount of light entering the camera, there are 3 things that you need to control:

  1. The aperture or area of camera lens: Wider the area, brighter the image
  2. Shutter speed: Slower the speed, brighter the image
  3. Camera sensor: Greater the sensitivity, brighter the image

The “dynamic range” of an image primarily depends on the above 3 factors. However, the problem is that if you want a realistic picture, it’s not possible to get it in a single click. So, how do you end up getting it?

Here’s the trick: The camera will take multiple images on a single click. Some of these will be overexposed (have too much light), some will be really dark and the rest will be in-between. The image you see in the end is a mergence of all these images the camera took.

And that’s how you end up with a high dynamic image ranging in a single click!

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