What are the Pros and Cons of Using SaaS?

Between a software that you would have to install and a software that you can access from the web, which one is more convenient to use? Of course, the latter one because all you have to do is create an account. Using SaaS (Software as a Service) has got many pros and cons, one of them being that it is extremely easy to use.

How to Differentiate SaaS from a Regular Software?

To put it shortly, SaaS is a web-based software. In order to use it, you need to subscribe and create your account with it. Then, all you have to do is log in to your account. Most of these software come with either a monthly or an annual payment subscription model, while some of them might be available for free too.

Some examples of popularly used software as a service include BigCommerce, Dropbox, Slack and Hubspot. If you’ve already used any of them, you probably do have a basic idea of the pros and cons of using SaaS. Let’s analyze them all to get a better perspective.

Pros of Using SaaS

There are certainly more benefits to using SaaS than convenience. Some of them include:

It Costs Way Lesser than a Regular Software

For a lot of commercial and professional software, you have to make a purchase which is not cheap. On the other hand, SaaS will provide you with multiple subscription models from which you can make a choice according to your usage and requirements.

You Actually Have the Freedom to Choose Any Subscription Plan at Any Time

Since you have the flexibility to choose a subscription plan of your choice, you can go for a higher plan when you’ll be needing those features. Later, if you think you don’t need that plan anymore, you can always go back to the cheaper plan. That way, if you don’t need the software at all for the month, you just don’t pay for it and it’s completely cool!

You’re Saving a Lot on Your Storage Space

Any software that you might install will take up a good amount of space in your computer. If it’s too heavy, it might even slow down your computer. On the contrary, you’re accessing SaaS from the web – no downloads, installations and setups needed. Even the data you’re using isn’t too much to handle.

Save All Your Time for Setting Up and Deploying it to Your Employees

Software installation and setup does kill some time. However, SaaS only requires you to choose a plan, create an account and login. Your employees only need access to that account for using the software for the company. This brings us to the next benefit of using SaaS.

Access it From Any Device, Any Place, Any Time

Can’t go to your office today? If you’re using SaaS, you can use it from your mobile phone, personal laptop or tablet. After all, the only 3 things you need are internet connection, web browser and login credentials.

Enjoy Some Free Repairs & Upgrades

When you’re using a SaaS, you don’t have to worry about repairing the bugs. You contact customer care and they’ll be fixed free of cost for you. Even upgrades are automatic and inclusive for every user.

Cons of Using SaaS

Nothing really is perfect, neither is software as a service. Here are some problems that you can possibly face with any SaaS:

You’re Totally Dependent on the Service Provider

The features you want from the software will be limited to what you get here. Since both repairs and upgrades are on the service provider, there’s not much you can do about when needed. So, if the customer care provider isn’t helpful, you actually might even be stuck.

Dependency on the Internet – Not Always Something You’d Prefer

We may say you can access it from anywhere, but you’d be stuck if the internet connection in the area is poor.

How Secure Would You Say it is?

On one hand, you know the data is backed up on the cloud and no personal devices of your employees will have anything. However, that doesn’t mean data breach isn’t possible, given how smart hackers are today. If anything does happen, what does your agreement with the service provider say? Will you receive compensation?

Will You Prefer Using SaaS Now?

After analysing all the pros and cons of SaaS, what you see is cost-saving, time-saving and convenience against dependency on a third party service provider for everything. Most importantly, you have the benefit of using it on a trial basis in some cases.

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