What are the IoT security issues?

IoT is defined as the physical objects embedded in software, sensors, and various technologies for the exchange of information and communication through the Internet. IoT has reached the profit limit of $100 billion by the year 2017 and is increasing rapidly in 2021. However, there are some security issues faced by the users. Integrity attacks, malware, and hijacking are some common breaches noticed in IoT devices. 

Due to the rise in usage of IoT devices, frequent attacks are seen which requires more security to face the challenges and issues in IoT devices.

Some preventive measures like avoiding cloud services, not using plug-and-play methods, and maintaining strong complex passwords will also help to maintain a secure environment.

Poor maintenance and updates

To maintain high security, any system or devices often require maintenance and regular updates. Frequent updates and timely maintenance is the only way to ensure the device is completely faultless and stable.

Updates maintain regular checks of the system. Most of the IoT devices get some updates or no updates at all, which means the user’s data can be hacked and will be used for illegal services. Regular updating of smartphones and computers is solved to some extent compared to systems in the past.

Malware and ransomware

Malware issues are commonly faced by every end-user nowadays. With the increase in the use of IoT, ransomware is evolving. In ransomware, the attackers do not steal the file but encrypt the files with strong encryption. Due to this, the users cannot access their own files. This allows the attacker to demand a ransom fee in order to decrypt the files.

Increase in IoT devices, the techniques used for stealing and encryption of data have also increased. Nowadays with single access to your laptop’s camera, the hacker can encrypt or steal confidential information. IoT devices like home gadgets, autonomous vehicles are at greater risks.

Autosaved passwords and Financial breaches

Users tend to keep everything auto-saved for ease of access. This helps hackers to access the private data and login credentials for their unfair means. Some enterprises and start-ups also use IoT-related devices for financial purposes and payments, which are sometimes vulnerable to threats.

However many organizations use blockchain methods or integrated learning machines to detect fraud before it occurs for more secure payment gateways.

Home invasions and remote access

Home automation is expanding with smart use services and more developed technology. IoT poses a great threat that provides remote access through IP addresses. The attackers can track locations of a person’s residential address and can be sold for criminal attacks as well.

Smart IoT devices such as smart doorbells, smart ovens, smart cameras, smart traffic management systems, and intrusion prevention systems are a victim of IoT threats. IT professionals and security management systems need to take preventive measures in order to track the crime.

The upswing in Botnet manufactures 

An increase in Botnets has given rise to blockchain breaches. Many organizations are unaware of the fact that their devices are connected to botnets which are accessed by hackers for illegal uses. Real-time security is required to track this kind of security breach.

But due to fast-evolving technology, many organizations are in a hurry to release their product without thorough testing which makes their products vulnerable to brute force attacks and botnets causing a great vulnerability to the IoT devices. 

Security issues in autonomous vehicles

Hijacking cars is one of the common threats faced by every user. Imagine a situation where your car is encrypted with some ransomware software and you cannot control your car without paying the amount demanded from the attacker. Remote access to smart vehicles is a threat and can put the users in vulnerable situations.

Connected cars are easier to hijack and create chaos. The drivers sometimes have no access to remote cars which are completely under the control of the hijacker via wireless or USB connections.

Small IoT device attacks

Many times rather than focusing on IoT attacks in every organization the security professionals are mainly focused on large-scale industries security which allows the attacker to hijack the small-scale industries without any detection. Small scale attacks are commonly ignored which causes great loss sometimes. The most commonly attacked IoT devices are cameras and printers of any organization for data breaches and illegal means.

To prevent these types of small-scale attacks, organizations should not rely on cloud technology. Cloud data can be accessible with compromise within the organization and become vulnerable to different types of attacks. Hence to maintain the privacy of the data, the enterprises can use the secondary connection as well as strong password credentials to keep the device out of reach of any illegal entity.

Lack of awareness

Due to the increase in IoT devices, people are still new to its pros and cons. This gives a green signal to the attackers to perform various threats. People take preventive steps to protect themselves from data breaches, credit card fraud, and phishing attacks but ignore the IoT devices-related problem which later causes more problems.

Consider an example of a nuclear facility in Iran in the year 2010. The programmable logic controller was targeted and with one connection of USB flash drive the entire system became vulnerable and great loss incurred.

To avoid security issues in IoT devices, strong and secure networks should be connected to back-end systems to communicate with the help of anti-virus, detection points, and firewalls. IT is rapidly increasing its vast network and security is of most concern. Security professionals need to take measures to maintain a robust system and monitor activity. Last but not least awareness regarding the IoT device attack should be spread among the users and security professionals with the help of the latest inventions to minimize the security breaches.

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