Wearable Technology: A New Device that Converts Body Heat into Electricity

Today in the 21st century, each day is a day of the new invention. Science is used progressively to invent all sorts of things. What we used to see in sci-fi movies is soon to turn into reality, hints the such latest invention.

Researchers in CU Boulder has come up with a cheap and wearable device that can convert body heat into electricity by using a thermoelectric based type generator.

The future is here, the electronics can run without batteries

It was estimated some years ago that soon, researchers would develop such devices that would not operate on batteries. And this wearable device is the answer to that and maybe, one of the first steps towards bringing the future to the present. The Department of Mechanical Engineering has made it possible by making a device that operates on the human body’s temperature and not on batteries at CU Boulder.

How does it work?

Well to put in simple plain words, the technology combines polyamine, which is a stretchy material and is combined with metal wires made of liquid metal and thermoelectrical chips. The fusion of the three helps to make the device run on the human body’s heat. The best thing about using this device is that it won’t ever deplete as it would not be running on battery. The device however will take some time to hit the markets.

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