Users can now get to trigger Google Assistant at sunrise/sunset

Until recently users had to set the general time for Google Assistant routines manually. However, it may soon be possible to use routines that activate themselves by sunrise or sunset. Google is testing this feature that will provide users with an alternative to start their routines. The latest functionality will be extremely beneficial in cases like switching the smart lights in the house on/off.

The new functionality in Google Assistant is a new method in which users can initiate routines 

The sunrise and sunset option will be available next to the ‘voice command’ option when users create a custom ‘time’. Users can choose whether they want the routine to begin at a particular event or at a time after/before the event. There will also be an option to mention the days users want it to repeat. 

Google has been improving its assistant since its launch by enhancing the user interface and adding several capabilities. The company focuses on the automation and usability of this Artificial Intelligence-powered tool. It, thus, comes as no surprise that it is one of the most versatile assistants in comparison to its competitors like Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple. Recently, the company also rolled out a feature that enables users to add Routines as shortcuts to their Android home screen. The latest ‘sunrise/sunset’ feature is yet another attempt by Google to minimize the interaction required by users and to promote automated tasks. 

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