Typewriters are back with a Portable E-ink screen dedicated to writing

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Easy access to different sites like Instagram, emails, Facebook and many more within a click on Android phones, iPhones, and laptops have reflected quite an ease to many people. But, if taken in a negative way these can lead to many distractions, especially for the writers. In the early days, during the time of typewriters, people who are willing to write as much as they want were able to give their best in a short period of time without any distractions but now if they attempt to start writing any kind of novel, half of their time gets flew away while scrolling out the mails or Instagram posts.  

With the advancement of the world and inventions of new technologies for human ease and entertainment, the usages of typewriters somehow fade away.

What today’s Typewriters bring

There is good news for the writers, the advanced level of typewriters are back in the game with zero access to any diversions. After the original Freewrite, a new portable version is out now which is The Traveler. This is the most favorable device for the writers who deeply desire to write endlessly. The Freewrite Traveler is Astrohaus’s second typewriter especially designed to lets you focus on your words without wasting any extra time or energy. The device is small enough that you can carry from place to place and it has a display of ambient-lit e-ink with a full-size scissor-switch keyboard. The coolest thing is that it supports a total of 16 languages. No worries about battery backup, its battery will last for long. Why portable? Test yourself- The device comes up with sizes up to 11 by 5 inches with thickness less than an inch and the weight is as light as 1.6 pounds that you can easily slide it in your bag in case of relocations.

This new generation typewriter not just lets you type but will allow you to access the Wifi for Cloud syncing and also a USB-C port so that you can transfer your content offline. Charging is a plus you get for the latest typewriters. There’s a devoted button for switching on a new WiFi connection, and on entering the password it calls forth a Postbox account where you can store the document online so that further in the future you can sync your drafts and view them whenever and wherever you want.

Why Freewrite Traveler

While writing, this common problem of getting a grammatical error after every paragraph creates hindrance during writing anything steadily and also leaves you with a mess of spelling and grammar mistakes. But if all the mistakes are ignored for time being and compel yourself to continue typing, then no one can stop you from scoring the fun of punching these paragraphs which could be really satisfying. Once started, you will automatically get a dedication to writing, without any undo, deletes, or other obstructions. The fancy Freewrite Traveler clears away all the distractions, allowing you to dedicate to the writing that one topic you are attempting. 

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