Twitter Will Allow You to Watch YouTube Videos from Their App Soon

To the Twitter users out there, you’ll soon be able to watch YouTube videos in full screen from the timeline itself. So far, Twitter was redirecting you to YouTube if you wanted to watch the video upon clicking the play button. Now, just the way you can watch a YouTube video from your WhatsApp chat, you can watch one from your Twitter app.

Is this New Twitter Feature Out Already?

So, here’s the deal. Currently, Twitter is testing this feature on iOS devices starting from today. So, if you’re a Twitter user with an iPhone, the feature is already available to you. Not only can you view YouTube videos from the timeline, you can watch them in full screen mode too.

Now, this feature is still on experiment mode that’ll run for 4 weeks. So, the availability is limited to users in Canada, USA, Saudi Arabia and Japan. If it works out well, they surely have their plans to make it available for both Apple and Android Twitter apps.

Is There Anything Else They’re Planning to Provide You?

In addition to making video watching user-friendly on their platform, they’ve been working on the image size and resolution that you can upload or view from the timeline. Due to their fixed frame size, there are times you cannot view the full image from the post till you click on it.

Apparently, they’re working on a solution to this too, where you can see the full image with its original resolution from the timeline itself.

So Twitter users, you’re about to enjoy some good features on your favourite social media platform.

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