Twitch Takes Down Content on Receiving DMCA Notices

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Since June 2020, Twitch has been receiving DMCA warnings to take down all the content that have been violating music copyright laws. Recently, they have already begun taking action upon these warnings – no explanations or specifications have been given to the users. They have simply been pulling down any content that violates copyright laws.

According to Rod Breslau, this is another “Twitch DMCA bloodbath” taking place as hundreds of their partners and streamers are being asked to take down content violating copyright acts. After sending a round of emails to its users, it is now automatically deleting any content that has been flagged.

What is DMCA?

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act or DMCA is an act that not only protects copyright holders, but also streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube from getting sued by any copyright lawsuits. According to this act, these video streaming platforms hold the right to remove any content if they have received a notification from the copyright holder.

How Is This Issue Getting Worse for the Users? 

This has turned out to be a stressful situation for users who have been earning through their channel on this platform. Twitch says this is a “one-time warning” for those who are using copyrighted content without attaching strikes to their accounts.

Apparently, they aren’t being able to find out which clips have been deleted, neither are they being able to make any changes. What they’re really afraid of now is whether their entire channel on the platform is in danger or not.

YouTube has a policy where users have to take a compulsory copyright course after receiving their first strike. After receiving 3 strikes, their accounts are terminated. All videos of that channel get deleted and the users are banned from creating new channels too.

On the other hand, Twitch users are not aware of any such policy. Their copyright violating videos are being taken down but they have no idea of whether Twitch is about to take any further action against them or not. 

All users can do in order to understand what is going on with their channel is go through the community guidelines on the platform once again.

So, the question here is – will Twitch take down users and channels from its platform too? To see where this “bloodbath” goes, do follow us for more information.

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