Top 5 Message Apps Using End-to-End Encryption

After learning how tech giants can see all our internet activity, ensuring privacy for our personal chats has become more important for us. This is the reason why the most popular message apps come with end-to-end encryption. 

When the app is end-to-end encrypted, only the sender and the receiver can read its messages. No other third parties will be able to read them. Here are some of the most popular message apps in the world.

WhatsApp Instant Message App

It came out in 2009 as a personal messaging app and added the end-to-end encryption feature in 2016. Today, it has more than 2.5 billion users


Every iPhone user has iMessage pre-installed in their phone. Popular among loyal users of Apple, it has 1.3 billion users today.

WeChat – The Most Popular Message App in China

If you go to China, the popular messaging app there is WeChat. It became the world’s biggest standalone app in 2018. Today, it has 1.24 billion users worldwide.


Viber mainly gained its popularity for its high quality free calling. The app also introduced end-to-end encryption around 2016 and today has more than 900 million users.


Telegram users say it is the most secure message app. This is because in addition to providing end-to-end encryption, it also has a feature of setting “secret chats”. 

What’s New – The Google Messages App

With so many tech giants providing an end-to-end encryption messaging app, why would Google stay behind? Just like every iPhone user has iMessage, every Android user will now get Google Messages on their phone. 

It provides end-to-end encryption to users, an engaging interface and high speed. Some other features that it is additionally going to provide include the Emoji Kitchen, Android Auto, voice accessibility and earthquake alerts.

Security and privacy are the primary concerns for any message app along with speed and interface. However, you need to have other users on the app too. With so many apps already being used, will Google Messages gain the required user base?

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