With pros follows the cons of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the insertion of human intelligence into machines which are programmed in such a way that they could think like humans and copy their actions. With Artificial Intelligence, the machine gets the ability to perform different tasks to achieve any particular goal with the simulated data. The elevating availability of computerized power, advanced pattern recognition algorithms and highly updated image processing software has led to the high demand of computer based artificial intelligence in almost all the fields whether it’s for defense, medicals or during manufacturing. But, not all are satisfied with this new era of artificial intelligence, as the AI is slowly becoming the next evolution for mankind there has been many pros as well as cons with the tilting world towards AI.

Let’s discuss on some of the goods and bad of AI to get to a conclusion whether AI is better or worse for mankind

Some of the Advantages of AI are:

  • Expense Reduction

At the end money is what matters the most for all. If you are saving money, the world is yours. The cost for hiring laborers, getting them trained, their salaries and medical compensations all inclusively cost a much higher wages to the company. Instead, if they are replaced by AI then all you need to do is the programming and the work is fulfilled.

  • Greater Accuracy

Machines are more accurate than humans. Even the highly complex equations can be solved in a second’s time with AI and if operated on bigger machines, AI performs smoother functions with not a single mistake.

  • Stretched Efficiency

If any particular task is assigned to AI, it can perform the same repeatedly with an elevated efficiency. Humans can get tired at a certain period of time but machines can perform tasks for hours without any error.

Some of its drawbacks are:

  • Minor Work Opportunities

If the single machine is performing the tasks for you of about 10 men, then why would anyone prefer labors over machines? This has led to the decrease in job availability in market. The population is increasing but the jobs are decreasing which may led to poverty.

  • Can Be Weaponized

This means that further in future if the machines automatically started running in the air, they will be targeting what is threat and what is not by their own.

  • Hacking

The more is the flow of data, the more are the chances of hacking. With more the use of AI, there can be sleeper codes hidden in the software which cannot be detected by the machines. Further this can be auto activated and used for destructions in machines.

  • Unsustainability

The materials that are used to create these machines are not sustainable i.e. are rare and cannot be found easily. Some of these elements like lithium which is used for batteries can led to destruction during mining.

Winding up, after going through the pros and cons nothing can stop the machines from slowly taking the place of humanity but let’s not hope that it could lead to the dominancy over humans in future.

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