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A robotics company based in London presented the first-ever robot kitchen that can cook from scratch. The Robot can also clean up the mess. However, this first robotic consumer kitchen comes at a whopping price of £2,48,000. 

The Robot costs you as much as a decent house in the UK

Though the product costs nearly $330000, it features robotic arms as well as articulated hands. It has the potential to collect ingredients from the smart fridge, use the sink to fill utensils, mix, adjust the temperature of the hob, pour, and clean up itself. Consumers can select recipes from a digital menu consisting of about 5000 dishes with a mere touch of a button. Users can also choose to record their own preferred dish. The Moley Kitchen robot aims at making restaurant meals without the chef having to do the strenuous work. 

The product is the brainchild of the Russian computer scientist and mathematician Mark Oleynik. Moreover, it is built with the aid of the culinary innovator, Tim Anderson. Anderson is also the winner of BBC MasterChef 2011. His cooking methodology was captured in 3D and rendered into digital movements via algorithms. The product was launched in Dubai at the Gulf information technology exhibition.

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