Spotify’s Time Capsule Feature Takes Users on A Trip to The Past

For every online music streaming platform, there is always a need to stay ahead of competition and constantly come up with new ways and features that make the platform stay relevant for as long as possible. These days, Spotify seems to be way ahead of its competitors with its unending innovative ways to keep its users entertained.

If you are an ardent user of Spotify, you are definitely aware of the feature that allows the user to collaborate with friends in creating a playlist. Well now, this music streaming platform has taken it a notch higher. Spotify has added a feature called the Time Capsule to one of its many features.  It’s no brainer that great songs from the decades past are bound to take you a journey back to simpler times. As music lovers, we all know that taste and genres have changed over the years. Now, everyone jams to the latest bop, however, that does not stop the smile and memories that pop up when you listen to an old tune. 

With the new Spotify’s Time Capsule, the user gets a playlist that will hold 50 songs from the decade or era they love; that is, songs that are curated specifically for you. This curating takes into consideration your age, genre of music you love and even your age and country. In addition to this, the Time Capsule playlist will be constantly updated and refreshed with new songs. This means you don’t have to worry about listening to the same songs over and over; the regular update ensures that you will never run out of throwbacks to vibe to. So, if you want to feel the nostalgia that Etta James songs awaken in you or the need to swing your head back and forth to the Queen albums all day long, then the Time Capsule’s got you.

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