South Korean AI Chatbot Canceled for Saying Sexist and Racist Comments

An AI chatbot developed in South Korea has been canceled due to its spiteful comments against lesbianism and being homophobic. The chatbot had been released on 23rd December 2020 and within the initial 20 days of its release, it even attracted a huge customer fan base of around 75,000 people. However, today it stands canceled in the market for being a mean attitude towards the lesbians, calling them ‘creepy’.

To make this AI robot more relatable and popular in the market, it has been called ‘Lee Luda, presumed to be a 20-year-old girl studying in the university.
The chatbot has been developed by Scatter Lab’ which is a Seoul-based technical company in South Korea. Lee Luda was able to communicate with its users via the Facebook messenger application.

Many other reports have also stated that Lee Luda would often say abhorring statements against minorities. It has also been manipulated by some users to be engaged in sexual conversations. The company stated that after receiving the complaints, they were sorry for the weaknesses that the chatbot has and so it has been officially pulled down for further production in the market. The chatbot is not reflective of the working and style of the company. However, the company has also said that it has learned a lesson from what has happened and they now plan to open the biased dialogue type of detection model for further chatbots.

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