Sony Corporation’s acquisition of Crunchyroll

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Either computer or hand-drawn computer animation frequently termed as anime-the Japanese term rooted in Japan is becoming the love of many people across the globe. It involves a lot of movies or series with quite an adventure, comedy, or stories based on inspiration. Every year numerous animations are produced and released all over the world just to satisfy their fans. The very famous anime Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball, Death Note, Pokemon, and Naruto is almost watched by every anime fan. Nowadays many companies have started streaming amine series or movies on their platforms, one such renowned American organization is Crunchyroll which has the world’s largest collection of Anime.

Crunchyroll’s distribution channel and partnership program delivers content to 70 million registered users worldwide.

Sony rolling out to catch Crunchyroll

Sony, already a weighty corporation with several different splits and offshoots is now to cover the huge name under its list of categories. In short, Sony on the top to win the steaming services provider Crunchyroll and its 3 million paying subscribers, during bidding. The streaming service with headquarters in San Francisco has over 70 million users in more than 200 countries including regions.   The company has already undertaken a U.S.-based animation distributor, Funimation acquiring 1 million subscribers which releases popular shows like Attack on Titan and One Piece. Crunchyroll came into existence in the year 2006 which was later acquired by AT&T in the year 2018. But, now this parent company is looking out to sell the service to somehow depreciate the load of its debt.

Sony on the perfect move

This pandemic has elevated the popularity in demand for streaming services. Sony has played a great shot during this social distancing time when the call for anime streaming is flowing off in every country. The Japanese company will be paying nearly 1 billion for Crunchyroll. With over 3 million subscribers, Crunchyroll has become a necessity-have streaming service for its anime lovers. With PS5 launching on its way, this could be a surprise box filled with many entertaining apps on PS5 available during its launch day like Apple TV, Spotify, Disney+, and many more. Since Xbox is arguably the largest competitor of Sony PS so it’s obvious that we must not expect the Crunchyroll app on the Xbox X series.

This purchase by Sony will not only build up its position in the streaming market but Sony will also now be dominating over many reputed companies like Netflix and Hulu.

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