Snapchat Knocked down: Users facing issue in the current US and UK Breakdown

There is nothing to deny the fact that people are spending a good part of their daily lives on social media. Even in their daily routines they are so much addictive to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat that their first and foremost thing in the morning is to scroll around on these applications. After many surveys, it has been proven that there have been an elevation in the usage of social media platforms due to this pandemic, and even millions of people have started dedicatedly using Snapchats to share their live stories in a fast and fun way. But, what if it suddenly stops working one day?

Yes, indeed it happened…Snapchat was down again with thousands of application users whining that they are unable to access the most popular service. Earlier, Snapchat experienced the breakoff in April, affecting many users in the US and parts of Europe. One more time, the social media platform seems to be down for the users in the US and some parts of Europe where people were facing issues with sending and receiving messages, videos and more.

Thousands of users are facing issues with social networking app- with reports of problems of sending and receiving texts, videos or photos streaming among Snapchat users in UK currently. The breakdown appears to have started at approx. 11:30am ET and 47000 reports spike on DownDetector- which monitors issues that arises on social media platforms, in a blink.

More than 10,000 users are reporting their problems with the snapchat every minute, as per the DownDetector data. In spite of this, Snapchat has yet to comment on the issue and offer the users a solution who are facing the error with “Message failed to send” in the app.

Even the snapchat users have posted these complaining issues on social networking site- Twitter. While one tweeted: “Snapchat just completely down @snapchatsupport” whereas another is posting: “Is anyone else’s Snapchat not working lol @snapchatsupport”.

According to the DownDetector statistics, 82% of the Snapchat users are experiencing issues in sending snaps while the remaining 16% were having problems receiving snaps. This huge number of snapchat down reports on the official Snapchat Support Twitter account confirmed that the application was facing issues.

Well, the good news is- The issues have been resolved now and the @snapchatsupport Twitter account has also posted: “The issue has been fixed! If you’re still having trouble, please let us know. Happy Snapping!”

Source: Twitter (@snapchatsupport)

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