Skype Rewards Desktop Users with New Noise Cancellation feature

Microsoft recently has launched a new feature of noise cancellation in Skype, for both Windows and Mac users. The latest update will allow the users to be able to use this new noise cancellation in their Skype desktop.

This new noise-cancellation feature is AI based which is said to silence everything except one’s voice while one is attending a meeting on Skype.

To activate this new feature while using Skype on desktop, one has go to settings. They then need to go to the audio tab option, select it to activate it. One will see three options there- high, low and auto. One can then use the features as they desire.

The reason why this feature is good is that it can suppress the unnecessary background noise that affects the Skype audio and along with that, it also filters out those noises without affecting the voice and audio of the user.

Another great thing about this newly introduced characteristic of AI based noise cancellation feature is that it encompasses such nueral networks that are themselves able to differentiate between the complex and the inconsistencies of noise. And so it easily filters them out. Because it has used the ‘machine learning technology’, so it is advanced in its functioning of differentiating between noise and speech.

But what one should know is that this feature is only available for the desktop, not for the phone or the web version. However, there are chances of this noise cancellation feature being available for all compatible devices in the future soon.

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