Save up your data with Facebook- Dropbox

During this lockdown, there is a huge acceleration in the usage of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and more. And if you are using these platforms for long then there is a possibility that you have uploaded a huge amount of data that you may want to keep for- like forever before getting your account deleted. Speaking of which, let’s talk about the data transfer project that has covered the news all over the web. On September 3, 2020, Facebook introduced a new feature that has the ability to download and transfer all your photos and videos in a blink i.e Dropbox.

Initially, Facebook partnered with Google and came up with the idea of Google Photos for shuttling images and videos from social media platforms. Since June, Facebook users were transferring photos to Google photos worldwide which helped them to download or transfer data between different platforms like Google, Twitter, Facebook, or Microsoft. Now, rolling out globally this year, the files like photos and videos will now be exported from your Facebook account to the cloud storage like Dropbox and Koofr- the EU startup as well.

This is just the start! According to Facebook, there will be more partnership announcements in the upcoming months. Probably, Facebook will be associating with many platforms like OneDrive, iCloud, and more in upcoming years.

Now, Facebook users have a total of three options to choose from transferring Facebook photos and videos away. The collaborative effort of tech giants like Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Twitter has backed up with Facebook to give an upshot to this Data Transfer Project initiative and help users to transfer and manage data without any privacy issues. On September 22, The US Federal Trade Commission will speak up after examining its challenges to transfer data and the benefits of its portability.   

Access your data in seconds

Just follow the steps and you will be on the winning side of data transfer- Firstly, Go to the settings on Facebook and find your information where you can also check privacy setting, review activity, and more. Then select “Transfer a copy of your videos and photos” and then Facebook will ask you your password to verify your account. After verification, you will get three options to choose from- Dropbox, Koofr, or Google Photos. Subsequently, enter a password for the one you choose. Later, you just need to show some patience till the notification of transfer completion pops-up.  

Flush away your worries…All your data is secured now!

All your data will be encrypted simultaneously to ensure the security for the service you choose. Facebook has assured that the companies which are using data portability feature give users security while data transferring and is having a continuous dialogue between experts, policymakers, and developers.

All your information will now be safely secured in Dropbox’s hands as at the end it’s all about data.

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