Samsung Unveils ISOCELL MH3, the Next-Gen 108mp Sensors Which Capture Stunning Images

(Image Source: Samsung)

Samsung Electronics has unveiled its next-gen 108-MP camera sensor code-named ISOCELL MH3 this week. The ISOCELL MH3 marks the fourth 108-MP sensor from a semiconductor tech leader. Samsung claims the camera sensor is equipped with a broad chromatic spectrum; this advanced sensor could capture much more vivid and sharper images in ultra hi-res with robust auto-focus and an updated dynamic range.

Since 2018, Samsung has been predominantly working on several 0.8μm, making the ISOCELL MH3 one of the flagship image sensors to date. ISOCELL MH3 prides itself on featuring a faster auto-focus by integrating a much-improved feature called Super PD Plus. The said feature adds Auto-Focus optimized micro-lenses to measure accuracy by almost 50-percent equipped with phase detection.

Samsung will be mass-producing the image sensor. Moreover, the forthcoming Galaxy S mobile phones are most likely to feature this image sensor. The Exec-VC Chang Duck-Hyun also revealed that innovation in the mobile camera is the need of the hour. And as a major electronics manufacturer globally, Samsung Electronics is working towards delivering many pixels to mobile image sensors.

ISOCELL HM3 captures outstanding images even in mixed light environments. Smart ISO Pro’s amalgamation, high-dynamic-range tech allows the sensor to capture frames in both low and high sensor sensitivity. Moreover, the 12-bit colour depth and reduced noise make the image sensor lucrative for smartphone manufacturers from around the world.

Samsung Electronics has designed ISOCELL HM3 intending to reduce energy by using the preview mode just by 6.5%. Further adding a robust power efficiency to the mobile device.

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