Samsung sparks out its AI based washing machine controllable through mobile phones

Image Source: Samsung

As one would already know, the world is constantly bending towards Artificial Intelligence day after day from speech recognition to problem solving and trying to make human life as comfy as possible. Almost every day new inventions are going on and today is the turn of the most renowned all-rounder brand -Samsung.

The consumer centric brand of electronics-Samsung has set in motion the 2020 range of front load washing machines on Friday that runs completely on Artificial Intelligence.

The brand came up with 10kg fully automated front load washing machines. This machines includes all the features one can ever need including the hygiene factor at its priority, the machine has Hygiene Steam technology proficient in removing deep seated dirt and 99.9% of bacteria along with inactive dust mites.. It also has an Addwash that will allow users to add detergents or fabrics anytime they want before even draining the water out. In addition with the washing machine, one will also get a laundry planner- for having a laundry finishing i.e. will let users to control their schedule on their terms, a self-suggested option providing optimal number of wash cycles also called as laundry recipe, and a homecare wizard to watch the situation of the machine and monitoring the conditions accordingly. This homecare expert will also be giving the remote troubleshoot support for its topmost functioning.

The new artificial intelligence-powered Washing Machines has a Q-Rator technology for making the laundry planning and other involved functions as smooth and convenient as possible. The most astonishing part about this machine is that the users can easily handle the washing cycle and can also schedule it just by using a mobile app, accessible both for android as well as iOS. As noticed by the vice president of Samsung India, Mr. Raju Pullan, there has been a huge demand of advanced and durable technologies in household durables and he also has this confidence about the new series of washing machine that will further build the branches in market leaderships.

Besides, the company also brought up in its queue- a washer dryer capable of 7 kg entrance load capable of drying clothes up to 97%. These are for small capacity demands with innumerable power saving features, you can avail which in two unique colors i.e. silver and Inox.

Let’s talk about the price now, because that’s what matters the most!

The Samsung 10 kg Fully Automatic Front Load model is available at a price of Rs 67,000 and the 10 kg Washer Dryer model costs up to Rs 93,000 whereas the washer dryer of 7kg price upto 45,590/-

Thinking of buying it? You can easily buy these high-tech washing machines through Amazon and Flipkart or these are also available on Samsung’s official online store Samsung Shop. Shop it now!

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