Sad news for gamers: Nintendo 3DS production is no more!

Image source: Nintendo

You all must have watched or played Ninja Turtle…Guess who designed it? Yes, Nintendo it is! This Japanese brand has not only created the character but also it has produced the video consoles for the same. Nintendo has also manufactured some of the most popular gaming consoles like the Game boy, the Nintendo DS, the Nintendo Switch and more.

Among these, Nintendo has decided to discontinue the production of Nintendo 3DS, a portable gaming system released in 2011. Games like Mario Golf and Pokemon- sun and moon were two of the popular games among all the family of 3DS. The 3DS has an advanced technology with a face tracking feature which are glasses- free 3D and also an NFC reader for their Amiibo support.

The company has made a huge profit out of it since then like approx. 80million units. 3DS console was not just for entertainment but it was also building social networks. The most unique feature was the device had an ability to show 3D images without using any special glasses.

But, now the Nintendo Switch has to be in the game so all the 3DS family is officially being discontinued.

Nintendo switch comes to play with a home console. The eighth generation console portable device has made more than a million of a profit in its first month. That’s a massive success! Which is why Nintendo will want to focus all its efforts on Nintendo Switch.

Still willing to buy 3DS?

However, discontinuing Nintendo 3DS doesn’t mean that it will end in the fogg immediately. The 3DS family of system-the 3DS XL, the 2DS, and the 2DS XL will continue to be available on Nintendo eShop, on and at retail. You can still enjoy playing your beloved games.

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