Rhino Health Raises $5 Million to Boost AI in Healthcare

With a view to improve AI in healthcare using federated learning, Rhino Health has just announced a seed funding of $5 million. The ultimate goal of this investment is to create an AI-based model that provides diagnosis and treatment solutions to patients.

What Do You Need to Know About Rhino HealthTech Inc.?

Rhino Health has built a platform using AI models that provides access to patient data. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the healthcare and technology team has been working continuously to develop AI-based solutions that aim towards better patient care.

Currently, they are collaborating with NVIDIA to scale up their solutions. The co-founder and CEO of Rhino Health, Dr. Ittai Dayan has co-led the EXAM Study with NVIDIA researchers previously. Now, they are using NVIDIA Clara to build more AI models for various medical devices, institutions and patient demographics.

The platform created by Rhino Health makes AI research and data-driven studies simpler for healthcare systems, companies and hospitals. The solution helps to provides access to relevant patient data, also protecting their privacy. By utilizing federated learning, it has managed to remove the risk, cost and complexity of large volumes of data.

Dr. Dayan says that AI will change the practice of medicine in the coming generations. The first step towards it is to develop AI models that are based on relevant patient data and real-world patient populations. Their ultimate aim is to make AI-based healthcare solutions widely available to all clinics, healthcare professionals and patients.

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