Rha Noise Cancelling Headphones: Truly Isolate from Your Surrounding

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Reid & Heath Audio (RHA) Technologies, popularly known as RHA provides a high range of earphones to choose from. Although it is quite an old brand, as it was founded in 2011, it is not outdated yet. It is popularly still bought and is trusted by its consumers.

The best selling RHA earphones are the RHA TruConnect. This model is designed in Scotland and comes with a 3-year warranty. Although on the costlier side, you can purchase these earphones on their official website at a discounted price. The original price of these earphones is $299.95. It has touch controls, and you can control all your actions at your fingertips. It is also sweatproof and water-resistant, which makes it your perfect workout buddy.

The battery life of the earphones is 5 hours, and it comes with another 20 hours of battery life in this metal, portable case. With just 15 mins of charging you can get up to 2.5 hours of playback. The earphones take a total of only about 30 minutes to trust itself completely. The earphones comes with IPX5, effective isolation, a secure fit, Stable connectivity (Bluetooth 5 which gives it a 10-meter range and takes just 5 seconds to connect to your device), comprehensive onboard controls, fast charge and USB-C.

We often find it difficult to concentrate on the music or the person while on a call, the TruConnect earphones genuinely isolate you from the world as it cancels out all the external noise. This product can be the end of your perfect wireless earphones search.

The earphones sport an all-plastic look, while having an external Matt finished looking which gives it a premium look. The TruConnect also comes along with a premium charging case that has a sleek design. The earbuds are also designed to fit nicely into your ear, which makes them perfect for daily use. As it has touch controls and voice control, it would be a great friend during your workout sessions as well as you would save the hassle of stopping midway from checking your phone or adjusting the voice. In terms of the voice quality, the RHA TruConnect pods provide an excellent bass to the music, although if you prefer classical music, this might not be the fit for you.

These earphones are a great pick, and also an alternative to the Apple earphones. With almost the same features you can avail the TruConnect buds at comparatively cheaper rates.

These earphones are a great choice if you want to listen to seamless music and want no disturbance whatsoever. They are easy to pair, have a decent battery life with an additional battery backup case, have a sleek design, are water-resistant and come at a reasonable price. Over that, it also comes with a three-year warranty, and you can visit their service centre or contact them online if you face issues with your pods.

The RHA connect is available on Amazon, Flipkart and also the RHA official website.

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