Razer Book 13 Review: A Top grade Ultraportable Laptop

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The Razer book is an ultra-weight portable laptop designed for long working hours. With Windows as the operating system, 13.4-inch display, and Core i7 processor the razer book is perfect for productivity.

With a perfect blend of Dell XPS 13 and Apple’s Macbook, the color scheme of the Razer book is a combination of black and green textures. Aluminum construction and durability, razer books are of high quality providing a slim sleek display with touch screen features.

Beyond the Look and feel, The Razer book is a steal-a-deal offer for your workspace and provides a long-lasting experience with efficiency and security features.

What do you think makes a Razer book a must?

With 4 sided thin-bezel display, available in FHD non-touch, FHD touch, and UHD touch screen, the razer book is a completely focused laptop to provide the best products and maximize performance.

Thin, compact, and built with intentions of complete productivity, The razer book allows you to create the best visual presentations to captivate the overall performance and enhance the engagements in the workspace.

The Razer book allows snappy performance with the “Tiger lake” CPU. The edge-to-edge look is quite impressive with an attractive 16:10 display.

Performance meets Productivity

The razer book weighs 3 pounds, but the productivity and performance are magnificent. Unlike Macbook, the razer book battery lasts up to 14 hours with an instant standby feature. The system performance is best in a class of connectivity with quick wake and resume and power pact recharge design.

Port selection in razer book consists of 2 thunderbolts 4 connectors, on USB 3.1 port and HDMI 2.0 port with Micro SD slot as well. With stunning graphics and intuitive collaboration, the razer book provides a complete workspace environment without worry.

Keyboard specifications

However, the Keyboard is not as fit as required compared to other features. The keys are stiff with not as smooth typing features. Powered by Razer Chrome the keyboard allows the users to customize the keys according to their choice. The RGB color scheme is a different experience, unlike other laptops.

The keyboard is somewhat compact compared to Dell XSPs 13. The blade laptop keyboard is used in Razer books as well. Although the backspace and enter keys in Razer book are smaller with an extended right shift key and power button on the right corner. The Anti-ghosting feature is enabled in the Razer book keyboard along with the Microsoft precision Glas-Touchpad.

Easy Verifications

The razer book is designed with the latest technologies in mind. With the combination of AI, the traditional password-protected methods are said goodbye. Specialized hardware including IR sensors is used to develop the Windows hello passwords which enable voice and face recognition facility with easy access. 

Razer book has the best solution for password-less unlock features, Windows IR sensors with a clean design, and flawless login with the best security at minimum price.

Convincing sound quality and Graphics

The THX Spatial Audio is an exception with advanced 7.1 quality that gives the best experience to the users. Any soundtrack can be turned into a studio version with high precision and holistic performance. Two upward-facing speakers for the outstanding sound quality headphone jack on the Razer’s left side and HDMI slot, micro SD card slot, and Thunderbolt 4 on the other side.

The intel iris Xe graphics is designed to visualize HD quality images and a pixel-perfect environment. With a standalone graphics card and top-notch performance, Razer book provides the best deal. 

Competent and Optimized environment

With ergonomic design and inclination up to 18 degrees, the razer book is designed for a 15-inch display. Advanced features along with rubber padding and easy grip, are designed with multitasking efficiency and responsiveness. The exceptional battery power along with easy switching between tabs, downloading files, and sharing files.

The 256 storage SSD with upgradable options is a smart choice, along with Wifi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1 are used for wireless connections. The webcam facility with 720p is however a bad choice for such premium-rated laptops.

Is the Razer book worth it?

The Razer book is a completely excellent laptop to work on with a vivid screen display and standout features. However, there are some already existing laptops like Macbook with better RAM and battery life at this price. You can buy the Razer book if it is on sale. With the fast mobile experience along with biometric authentication, the razer book surprises with the best features and latest authentication specs.

The chassis is made up of anodized T6 CNC Aluminum, with the minimum layout and symmetrical design the Razer book is flawless with multiple features. Also to enhance the gaming experience, it has two fans with cooling systems for faster execution and maintaining regular balance.

The razer book performance is on a whole different level. However, at this price range, more attractive ultrabooks with the best battery life and increased performance can be a choice. razer book stealth, a gaming laptop with ultrabook characteristics is also a better option with a slightly higher price.

Although ignoring weak bits, The Razer book is a powerful combination of modern laptops with Evo platform design and real-world usage.

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