Prison Boss VR, Let’s play the game!

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Are you a fan of video games? If yes, then surely you would love to read this article about the new game going to be launched and if not, you can update yourself up with this news. Playing games is a kind of fun you should try once, best strategy to reduce all your stress, free yourself from depression, elevate concentration, enhance the ability to multi-task and upgrade decision-making ability. Video games range from a solitaire online game to a multiplayer one where users connect with other players and gain points or actual money sometimes.

Upcoming Prison Boss VR

Speaking of gaming, an upcoming Prison Boss VR is going to be launched on December 3, 2020 as revealed by Developer Trebuchet. This game will be accessible to both the Oculus Quest and most popular these days Oculus Quest 2.

The game was earlier launched in the year 2017 for the Oculus Rift which made quite a positive boost among game lovers; the updated version of this new gaming is completely untethered. So play wherever and whenever you like! Oculus Quest is not available for now but Oculus Quest 2 is becoming quite favorable to many gamers with updated built-in VR headset.

Prison boss vr game with a theme of a jail will be launching soon

An outline of the game

Prison Boss VR is something new and different from other war and blood games, the peaceful game to lighten up your mood. This game is based on fun framing and dealing with a room-scale of jail cell enclosed in a VR space. Save yourself from being caught by the warden while making out cigarettes, alcohol and cookies for other jailbirds. The game is about playing with a smart move and earning cash till you can’t hide it with growing reputation and ultimately becoming a prison boss with a customized cell.

This one is the ultimate VR contraband simulator in the market with exclusive untethered headset, as said by Vincent Brunet- the CEO of Trebuchet. The title “Prison Boss” is exclusively made for VR, the idea behind which is jail cell scaling on VR space.

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