Photonic Processor to Revolutionize Computing

A team of talented European Researchers has made a breakthrough in computing. They have built a light-enabled CPU which is supposed to work at lightning speed. For the first time, in the history of Machine Learning, a processor will use light rather than electronics.

In this age of IT where everyone and everything is heavily dependent on technology, tons of data is generated daily. Therefore, the scientists have made this new processor as a solution for this problem of data storage.

An excerpt from the findings of the study named Nature says, Although we focus on convolutional processing, more generally our results indicate the potential of integrated photonics for parallel, fast, and efficient computational hardware in data-heavy AI applications such as autonomous driving, live video processing, and next-generation cloud computing services.

A senior co-author and one of the researchers of this study, Wolfram Pernice at Munster University, states, “Light-based processors for speeding up tasks in the field of machine learning enable complex mathematical tasks to be processed at high speeds and throughputs.”

From transport vehicles to hotels and many other industries use AI based apps to run their business smoothly. Hence, the new processor which definitely claims to save power and function better, will change the shape of computing.

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