Open Raven releases Cloud-Native Data Protection Automated Platform

Open Raven, the customer-driven Los Angeles start-up launches Open Raven Cloud-Native Data Protection Platform this month. Built on S3 and Amazon Web Services, the said platform will help businesses and organizations operationalize robust privacy and data security of the cloud. 

The start-up aims to provide the necessary visibility alongside control to prevent intentional or accidental data breaches. The platform is integration with automation that could locate the data anywhere across the could. Further, it would also determine if the data is regulated, sensitive and personal. Open Raven Could-Native Data Protection also unveils people having access to data. The platform will soon be available on Snowflake, Google Cloud and several other cloud platforms in the foreseeable future.

The architecture of the cloud-native platform is built to optimize and procure big data. The serverless functionality of cloud-native platforms also makes it easier to classify and discover data. Take a look at the holistic solution that Open Raven’s newly curated cloud-native platform aims to provide:

  • Discover- The platform allows the discovery of all resources, alongside data in cloud inclusive of both non-native and native repositories. The platform also runs mapping in real-time while pinpointing the necessary resources and data.
  • Classify- Open Raven incorporates a wide array of techniques such as machine learning, pattern matching, describing data to provide a live verification whilst enhancing accuracy.
  • Monitor- The start-up includes default policies which combine both data context with cloud assets. Further, enabling real-time monitoring of privacy, security, as well as compliance.
  • Protect- Data is a golden egg in the world driven by digitalization and Industry 4.0. Protecting data on the cloud could protect a business’ interest. The platform makes use of a wide array of integrations such as webhook, firehose API to generate reports.

For the first time, a platform is providing businesses and enterprises around the world to have real-time visibility to protect cloud and its data. As far as the configuration of the platform is concerned, Open Raven offers top-notch performance, integrity as well as cost. Open Raven is the answer to the theft of cloud data and security breaches which has been affecting organizations to sustain in the competitive world. The platform will take computer security to a whole new level.

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