One step towards safety- Google Maps’ COVID layer in a play

Image Source : Google

As the coronavirus has continued to inflict its depredation across the nations with the number of coronavirus cases elevating to over millions. People are so scared to even walk out to their house, especially to the places they don’t have an update about. During these pandemic times, people only want to get an access of the geographic COVID-19 data that could help them show which way not to go or which area is pandemic.

Now, the advancement got that too! Thanks to Google…Google maps has come up with a feature that will show how people can reach their destination without crossing the pandemic areas. This time when the safety is what matters the most, millions are using Google maps to know how to reach from one place to another without getting affected.  

No doubt that technology is supporting at the fullest during these pandemic days.

In an attempt to help people navigate safely during the pandemic times, Google has put in a coat showing Covid in the maps that will reflect the crucial data about coronavirus pandemic in the areas people plan to visit globally. Google maps’ product manager, Sujoy Banerjee himself has announced that this week Google is coming up with a tool showing Covid layer in maps that will reflect the acute information about corona virus disease 19 cases in an area… The maps will reveal the details in the form of color-codes, ranging from green for the cases with lowest density to dark red at the highest with labels that will show the pandemic is currently trending up or down.

 According to Google, these information will be taken up from “multiple authoritative sources,” including Johns Hopkins University, The New York Times and Wikipedia, who takes data direct from World Health Organization (WHO) and government health ministries including local health agencies and hospitals which Google is also using to provide corona-virus data in its search results.

Since the beginning of the outbreak, Google has been attentively tracking all the cases of COVID-19 and giving each and every particular information with the help of its search results. Even the company has shaken its hands with Apple Inc. to create a contact tracing technology to help government and other agencies. The technology will inform people by sending a warning notification if in case they had a contact with any person with coronavirus officially tested positive s that they can immediately contact their local health authority

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