Offline Life Got Better With Youtube TV Going Offline Too

Want to download directly through YouTube? The dream of users is about to come true! According to foreign media reports, the global mobile version of the YouTube TV app is gradually adding the “recommended download” function. Whether it is the Android or iOS version, it is expected that such new functions will be available shortly.

Now Your Entertainment Is No More Dependant On Internet

Suppose your internet connection is having some issues the traditional way is to wait for the local network provider to come and correct the network. But now you don’t get bored, you can just turn the TV on login to your premium Youtube TV account, and watch any show at any time being offline.

Download Videos And Shows Without Filling Your Storage

This will not need any external card of storage (memory card) it has unlimited cloud storage. According to this new feature, it will notify the user about the saved videos when your device is offline, it’s a kind of reminder that even without the internet you have something to be entertained. This service will soon be available on Android platforms, for IOS Devices the information is not clear.

Will Give Recommendations For Downloads

According to some reports, users will have “recommended downloads” on the mobile version of the YouTube App homepage, most of which will be recommended based on users’ preferences for watching videos.

After the video is played, in addition to the original “Like, Dislike, Share, Save” four buttons below, there will be an additional “Download” button, allowing users to download the video to the phone for offline viewing. Youtube TV is just like local tv cable (American-based for now ) it allows every single YouTube video and all the tv shows for $65/month. With this service, you can download your favorite shows like Game of Thrones (2011), Chernobyl (2019), Attack on Titan (2013), Rick and Morty (2013), Sherlock (2010), on any mobiles or laptops, and watch it anytime even without the Internet!

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