Nvidia’s Noise Cancelling RTX Voice Works with GTX GPUs

Image Source: NVidia

The expensive RTX graphic cards by NVidia have an interesting noise-cancelling feature. Known better as the RTX Voice, this feature cancels background noise using AI, which makes your voice in video calls a lot clearer. Recently, we have discovered that this feature also works with the GeForce GTX GPUs.

The RTX Voice Plugin by NVidia

To be precise, RTX voice is a plugin that was introduced last year. With the help of AI, it cancels background noise for both the user and the receiver. It means that if you own any of the graphics card by NVidia, you and your receiver will hear crystal clear sound while you both are talking. This applies whether you own the RTX 30-series card or the GTX 600-series card.

Earlier, you needed to have the NVidia GeForce RTX 20-series GPU along with GeForce drivers R410 installed in Windows 10 for the feature to work. However, recently the company has made it available to the older graphics cards users too. Moreover, it will work in an older version of Windows too!

How Does this Actually Work?

NVidia still does claim that RTX Voice only works on the RTX graphics cards. However, Tom’s Hardware declared that there is a hack that will allow you to use the plugin in your older graphics card too. Here’s how:

  • Run the RTX Voice installer normally in your computer till you get an error message.
  • You’ll see that despite of that, it will create a temporary folder of the name “NVRTXVOICE” on your C: drive.
  • Here, you need to open the “NvAFX” folder and delete the “constraints section”.
  • Now, you can open the file “RTXVoice.nvi” and run it smoothly, using a text editor with administrator privileges.

And now you have access to the RTX plugin even if you own a GTX graphics card in a Windows 7 machine. However, there are chances that this will reduce frame rates by 20%, thus affecting your overall gaming performance.

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