NVIDIA investing 1.5 million dollars into Mozilla Common Voice

Image Source: Mozilla Blog

So many times you have used voice assistants like Siri and Google home, only for them not to understand what you say. With an attempt to make these digital assistants better, Mozilla came up with its voice data program – the Common Voice. Recently, NVIDIA has invested $1.5 million for this program.

Digital assistants make our life easier by performing said tasks in a jiffy. You just talk and ask them to do whatever you want – be it a phone call, playing music, sending a text or any other thing. Voice data programs, on the other hand help in making these digital assistants more efficient. Let’s check out the new voice data that Mozilla has introduced.

What is Mozilla Common Voice?

Today, most of the voice data is currently held by big organisations. Mozilla’s common voice program helps to provide voice data to a larger set of companies. It is an open database where users can donate their voice. Developers can then use this database to train voice enabled apps, services and products.

This service was launched in 2017 and has become the largest public voice database today. It has more than 9,000 hours of voice data which are in more than 60 different languages. More than 164,000 people have donated their voices from around the world. 

How Will This Investment Help?

With this new investment from NVIDIA, the dataset of Common Voice will see a faster growth. It will help engage more communities, hire more staff and volunteers in the project. Also, common voice will now come under Mozilla Foundation to accelerate its development. 

The way we interact with devices is going to change in the next decade with voice assistant being the most used way. This investment by NVIDIA will help accelerate the development and bring new features and better voice recognition that will make our lives easier.

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