Netflix Releases Audio-only Mode For Android Users

Netflix launched the Audio-only mode for it’s Android users. Users can now watch the shows and movies in the background by switching to Audio-only mode. This new feature comes in handy for those who want to use other background applications without having to pause the show or lose the progress. Moreover, the functionality also limits the data usage, and is thus, beneficial to those running low on data.

Users can opt for the audio-only mode in every movie and/or show they desire to watch on Netflix

Before rolling out the audio-only feature, the users of the platform had no other choice other than to stick to the screen if they wished to continue watching. With the new feature, Android users can activate this functionality in the platform’s app version by switching the video off button on the playback screen. When the video mode is off, users will only see a blank screen, with all the other usual controls and a brightness slider. For the time being, interactive content is not available in audio-only mode.

In an interview with Variety, a Netflix representative stated that the company is always testing new features in several countries for different periods. The company will make the new feature widely available only if the users find it useful.

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