Netflix Introduces ‘Fast Laughs’, a TikTok inspired feature

How do you stay ahead of the competition? Netflix seems to have figured this dilemma as the notable streaming giant in the world. Streaming and OTT platforms like Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+, Hotstar have one thing in common. They have brilliant content to entice millions of users across the globe. Nevertheless, the competition is increasing as new streaming services are coming to life now and then. Did the undisputed king among streaming platforms figure out to create yet another hype this year? And no, the hype isn’t related to the fourth season of Stranger Things.

Netflix has always tried things out-of-the-box and unconventional practices to redefine the brand. Even Netflix’s social media presence is regarded as a genius, quirky, and a scrolling delight by fans. The core team of Netflix always manages to woo the audience with some new tricks. By the looks of it, the streaming giant, aka Netflix, has recently introduced a new feature, namely ‘Fast Laughs.’

What is Netflix’s Fast Laughs?

TikTok has set an entirely different benchmark with its unique premise. Though many platforms are following the footsteps of TikTok, nothing has been more popular than Instagram’s Reels. And now, Netflix is also following the footsteps of TikTok and Reels by Instagram. Netflix has recently announced a new feature where the original short snippets from Netflix’s original series will entertain the users.

The best thing about Fast Laughs is that none of the users will be in charge of creating entertaining video snippets. Instead, Netflix’s in-house excerpts will create videos from original to licensed to popular programs. Fast Laughs is intended to inform users about some series or films that they aren’t aware of, further compelling them to watch them by showcasing something remarkably funny or enticing bits of the said series. So far, this feature would aid users to ditch the lengthy trailers and teasers or even previews before they decide to watch something on Netflix.

Netflix’s spokesperson revealed that the streaming platform is always on the move to improve users’ experience. The spokesperson further said that a significant number of users adore comedy. Fast Laughs is a new initiative from the streaming giant to find new shows and relive classic scenes.

The striking similarity between Fast Laughs and TikTok

According to the beta users on iOS in the UK and the US, the interface between TikTok and Fast Laughs is uncanny. TikTok users will have a seamless user-experience with Fast Laughs.

In addition to this, if you swipe vertically, you’d either be directed to the previous video or the following. Users will also find a few engagement buttons on the screen’s right-hand side. The developers have been reportedly testing this feature at the beginning of 2020. Unfortunately, as mentioned earlier, Fast Laughs is confined to iOS uses as of now. As this is a test version, users might see a different version but with similar rollout features.

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