Mobile Backend as a Service Using Oracle Mobile Hub

The Latest launch Mobile BaaS by Oracle is not only focused on providing a high-quality Mobile backend but is also providing different tools for business and enterprise professionals to retrieve and mine the data for easy storage and operation.

With the help of Oracle Mobile BaaS, application deployment is much easier. The user just needs to connect their mobile applications to Oracle ERP, HCM, CX, or any third-party system, on-premise or on-cloud for simplified building and management of Enterprise mobile systems. The Oracle Mobile BaaS leverages visual designers to create and integrate mobile apps with a single button click from your browser. Management of user’s data offline, synchronization of enterprise systems, with speed support to native, hybrid types of mobile applications as well.

Increased Capital Expenditure for BaaS

With the increase in BaaS needs, developing enterprise-owned BaaS seems infeasible due to higher investments, efforts, and time management. This is one of the reasons enterprises are switching to cloud BaaS. But the capital expenditure initially for investments, deployment, and up-gradation of BaaS is expensive. Therefore small enterprises cannot opt for mobile BaaS, which can hinder the growth of BaaS in the global market. 

North America is one of the leading cloud BaaS users with a solid understanding and providing the best solutions to mobile enterprises. The Asia-pacific region is experiencing tremendous growth in the IT industry giving an opportunity to many organizations to adopt Mobile BaaS for the development and functionality of their applications. 

Market Analysis

The growth potential of the market is measured with analysis of the global market, recent developments in business, stakeholders, and trend analysis cloud Mobile BaaS market size is expected to grow from 2.0 billion in 2021 to 5.9 billion in 2026. The mobile cloud BaaS is most demand-driven with enterprises looking for speed and agility and help the developers for faster frontend development and deployment. 

The analysis forecast displays, US holds the largest shares of Mobile Backend as a Service with a place to many tech giant companies. With the increasing adoption of mobile services, reports state that approximately 2.7 billion of the total population uses mobiles, requiring applications to be more productive and faster. The BaaS is expected to impact the global market with a CAGR OF 84.4 percent by 2027.

Market Segmentation for BaaS

The surge in demand for mobile-based applications has given rise to BaaS to enhance application development and provide resources including APIs for development. The BaaS market by operating systems is segmented into Android, ios, and others. Proper forecast and segmentation allow the stakeholders to understand the competitive scenarios, market strategies, and business plans as well. The android platform holds the largest market shares since the Baas allows to differentiate the complex functionalities and focus on front-end development, infrastructure management, and marketing policies. 

Mobile applications are increasingly becoming a part of the IT sector with a splurge in AI-based applications and tough competition, and with the integration of cloud BaaS and mobile applications, the enterprises can experience the ease of development. For instance, Facebook has held the cloud-based platform Parse since 2013, which provides backend solutions by hiding the complexities for managing servers and easy maintenance.

Major BaaS providers are Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Google are witnessing high growth rates with higher partnership rates and acquisitions for increased adoption of BaaS and using technologies like AI and Machine learning. As good as rapid application development sounds, it is also quite concerning due to privacy and security solutions offered by cloud BaaS. Developers need higher efficiency with scalability to become a significant market driver.

With less than an hour of coding, lifecycle management, and shared APIs the development of mobile applications is more uncomplicated with Oracle Mobile BaaS. Whether the enterprise wants to build a new application or work on an existing one, Oracle mobile BaaS has full coverage with collaborative management and secured analysis.

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