Microsoft Patented Chatbot Will Make You Immortal

In the yester years the masters of occult science would call upon the dead souls via Woo-doo. Similar in concept, a new AI enabled Chatbot claims to let people talk to their already deceased loved ones.

It is interesting to witness such inventions which are believed to be orthodox in nature or something that held significance ages ago. Microsoft makes strong affirmations on this app helping the desolate and depressed to interact with not only their own people but also with celebrities, historical figures, and so on.

The Science behind this ‘Zombie App’:

The all new chatbot in question will be programmed in such a way that it will mimic the speech quality, diction, intonation, pitch and other evident styles of the dead person. The app requires ‘social data’ like images, voice data, social media posts, written letters and chats to create a person’s profile.

This reminds of a British television series ‘Black Mirror’ which takes inspiration from ‘The Twilight Zone’ and shows how advanced technology can backfire on humans.

However, Microsoft has placed a lot of faith in this digital reincarnation concept and will soon launch a working prototype. Here one can also imagine speaking to one’s self through this somewhat scary but helpful application.

The days are not far when artificial intelligence enabled apps will rule the world. Humans can only wait and marvel at the upcoming discoveries and even be happier than ever.

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