Microsoft Corporation is all set to fight against Deep Fake

In the early 2018, a developer adapted a breakthrough artificial technique termed as Deep fakes to build a software that can easily switch one person’s face to another. The process involves lots of insertion of images and videos in a single computer. With the help of these feed data a new video is generated, by highlighting a former’s face in the place of latter with identical looks. The process has made such an ease for the users that now less photos are being used than before. Some apps are so specialized that it can even replace a film star’s face with any similar in Hollywood clips with just a single selfie is required.

No doubt, where there are pros…there are cons too! One such disadvantage is that many users can even use it for deceiving clips and leading abuses, revealed by BBC.

This is why, Microsoft recently announced two new technologies to counter white lies, educate the public regarding problems and do corporation setups for more advancements.

The latest Microsoft technology examines very tiny imperfections which may not be detected by a normal human eye. Microsoft added “Video Authenticator will give a confidence score after analyzing a still photo or video i.e. a percentage chance that it has been artificially manipulated”. During video analysis, the tool will “provide this percentage in real time on each case as the video plays” to identify the manipulated clip, The New York Post updated.

They also announced a new technology that can detect a manipulated content and can also reassure people that the media they are viewing is real. With this tech, the content producers will be able to affix hashes- type of digital watermark for the content. Then, the reader- a browser extension, will check the hashes on digital content and compare them with the original one to check if they are altered. The extension will be able to easily let know the users whether it is an authentic version of the video.

Microsoft Corporation has also worked with the University of Washington to enhance media literacy to help people falling into the pit of disinformation and guiding them towards genuine facts.

The Lawmakers and experts have forewarn the people about the emergence of manipulated media that can be a tool for spreading political misinformation. Theoretically, The Hill said that extensive use of digital hashes could tackle those fakes.

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