Messaging can be more classified now with Google’s new feature of categories

Google, the most reputed and advanced multinational firm that provides the most exclusive Internet-related services and products like online advertising technologies, a search engine, cloud computing, software, and hardware is in a play now. Every other day you will find some or the other update of Google, which is a good thing though. After the updated Google maps according to pandemic areas and the lip syncing for AI, Google has come with this new feature of quicker messaging than ever.

Google has decided to make the SMS messages as simpler as possible by adding the righteous categories in the Google messages app for better orderly messaging. The categories may involve Personal, Transactions, OTP (One Time Password), Offers, All and More.

Most android devices has this Google messaging app by default so it is an important tool to stay connected with your loved ones. Google had been already started working on its rich communication services (RCS) and its auto deleting OTPs after 24hours. So far various applications are reflected with SMS filters, like Truecaller and OnePlus Messages app. The latest feature of Google let users to look over the true identity of any business text and also review its legality by verifying its company name, logo, and authentication badge displayed in the message string.

Now it’s time to sort the sea of messages using the category section on content basis.

Just like the Gmail does for the emails, the same filtering feature will be there for this innovated messaging app.

Mostly, the OTPs generally take up to half an hour of mean life and later remains in the tray.

The feature of messaging is especially outlined to help users in sorting their messed up inboxes.

The OTP thing and the sorting can enhance altogether the app’s experience. After this comes on board, the users will be easily able to avoid the messages they want to, just by using the filters of their own choice.

It is yet not disclosed that when the categories will be available for the users, and will be tested at the wider level among the users. But the unfolding of this feature is not much far away for the users. As soon as it gets live, we will update you with all the changes explored.

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