Make your data of endpoint devices secure now with the latest Absolute Control mobile app

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The world is taking such massive turn towards growing technology that every other day new updates just making us astounded. Now, what just one question blinks in our mind- What’s next?

This time, we will surprise you with the most desiring thing that people were actually waiting for! People these days have become more dependent on smartphones, they are so much relied on it that they have started keeping all their necessary data like ATM pins, net banking passwords etc. in their smartphones.

With the world coming up with more advanced things especially smartphones, people are getting more scared of either losing them or getting stolen. Fly away your worries now, Absolute has come up with this latest Absolute control mobile app that will help customers to safeguard the endpoint devices and secure sensitive data while on any attempt.

This is the most convenient app that stretches up the power of the Absolute comfort, IT authorization and Security squad to easily locate the missing devices, look over to the health of critical endpoint security agents, and quickly take a step to lock up a device if spot up at a risk.

Both Android and iOS devices can down this astonishing app and no additional cost for existing customers.

As compared with preCOVID-19 situations, 87% of elevation in the amount of crucial data is identified on endpoint devices, as shown by the recent data from Absolute’s Remote Work and Distance Learning Insights Center and also highlights the weakness of mission-critical endpoint security controls namely antivirus, encryption and anti-malware.

This can be the safest way to take instant action in order to secure a lost or stolen device as this can also put the whole organization at risk of getting leaked, especially while working remotely. Hence, worries all gone! Your sensitive data will now could be shielded from getting exposed.

Especially during this pandemic, when all the work is done remotely plus assignments of students with distance learning with elevating potential security risks, it has become a must situation to make your devices as secure as possible.

The mobile app reflects easy access to acute capabilities, as an extension of the Absolute console like-

  • Identify and lock devices instantly in order to ensure delicate personal as well as organizational data does not opens up in the wrong hands.
  • Easy access to the status of endpoint security controls for confirm whether they are installed, well in condition, and are working smoothly.
  • The expertise in swiftly restoring the user access as soon as it is determined that the device is no longer at a risk.

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