MAC Users Can Play PC Games Without Installing Windows

There seems to be a bigger ray of hope beaming for MAC users, as far as gaming is concerned. It is obvious that Apple products are more elite in nature and come with some limitations of their own.

For instance, M1 based MAC mini gives some trouble while running its One Drive app which becomes unresponsive sometimes for long hours. However, Apple manages to emerge with solutions for each of its troublesome devices.

Which are Some Mac-Friendly Programs?

A host of gaming services that can run on MAC have been introduced. The following should be tried out:

Ge Force Now: This cloud-based gaming service streams easily and needs no download procedure. It also gives access to choose from an existing library.

Stadia: Google Stadia is another viable option for MAC lovers. It has a controller-focused UI and does not require any software to be downloaded.

BootCamp, Shadow, OpenEmu and Wine are also other beneficial programs that help MAC users sail swift with their search for interesting games.

Good news is that Apple has now brought its focus to developing game-friendly devices. With the emergence of silicon processors, M1 based MAC works faster and is game-ready. This was included as one of the newly launched products at Apple and is expected to fulfil major demands.

Tim Cook, CEO Apple, boasts of an ARM-based design for its upcoming products and promises to walk away from intel processors.

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