MAC Address Randomization Leading to Appearance of ‘Unknown Devices’

The new iOS14 update might have led some of you to scratch your head and believe there were network issues. That is not the case though.

But there is a way to make them disappear too

In a recent mail sent by Netgear, it informed it’s subscribers about the randomization of MAC address which would have shown some ‘Unknown Devices on their radar.
The feature, which was pre-existing in Android 10 and Microsoft did not have such a big impact as the new iOS update will have.

The feature which is enabled by default in both software and will affect how they connect to a network. Media Acess Control(MAC), unlike IP address, are static in nature and can be easily traced back to users, leveraging it for variety of purposes.
Randomization of MAC ensures privacy and security on WI-FI networks, which is need of the hour.

The feature randomizes the MAC address every 24 hours, meaning users will be forced to reconnect their device to the network every 24 hours. Some devices will be prompted to reconnect more often than others in case the device leaves their computer network zone.

This could be a minor inconvenience for some users if the feature is set to default. To break free from the hassle one can disable the feature.

This is a good idea if you are using a private network, but it is rather better to keep the feature on when you are using a public network and not worry too much who is looking at your data.

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