Why We Prefer Linux Over Windows For Cloud?

Being in the IT field, you will often encounter the question of whether Linux is better than Windows for Cloud, And the answer is Yes. Here are some of the main reasons why you should prefer the former for Cloud. 

  1. The main reason to prefer Linux for Cloud is that it is a free and open-source Operating System. Due to this, the Cloud service providers charge lower rates for hosting your application as compared to in the case of Windows Cloud. Although the difference might not be a lot in many cases, it does make a significant difference when the system is used for hosting large projects. 
  2. Linux being an open-source OS, makes it easier to configure the server. Furthermore, it gives more access to the developer. Linux can also be reprogrammed to meet company requirements. 
  3. Linux is more secure than Windows. For example, the FF bug in applications, which can take down the entire Operating System, cannot have the same drastic impact on Linux. 
  4. Finally, Linux uses lesser resources that increase the efficacy of the system. One can also modify Linux servers easily. In the case of Windows, modifications usually required awaiting the release of the server’s new version.

In a nutshell, Linux is not only a cost-effective Computer OS but also comes packed with a plethora of benefits in the case of Cloud.

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