LG To Make Bendable OLED TV- Useful For Gamers

LG Display announced the release of the world’s first bendable 48-inch Cinematic Sound OLED (CSO) aimed at gaming users during CES 2021. In a press release, the company stated that the CSO technology provides a response rate of 0.1 milliseconds and refreshes at 120Hz per second. Simultaneously, it provides a wide variable refresh rate ranging from 40Hz to 120Hz.

LG Display announces 48-inch OLED technology to make the gaming experience more immersive

CSO technology uses exciter mounted behind the display screens in order to vibrate and create their own sounds, without the need for speakers. Furthermore, it provides a realistic experience as if the screen characters are speaking with the viewer directly. The 48-inch bendable display uses paper-thin screen to its advantage to curve the screen to a radius of 1000mm, without affecting the functions of the display screen.

Users can turn it into a flat-screen while watching television and curved while gaming. Furthermore, the curved screen provides an equivalent distance from the middle to the end, to give the gamers a full immersion experience. Those who sit in front of screen for an increased period of time, the display offers eye comfort for those as well. Additionally, global organizations have recognized LG Display technology for low emission of blue lights and a flicker-free experience.

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